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How to Get More Customers into Your Small Business with Custom Neon Signs

December 23rd, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

Neon signs were first introduced in 1910 that was shown at the Paris Motor Show by a Frenchman named Georges Claude. It wasn’t until thirteen years later that custom neon signs made their way to the United States, and the rest is history.

Nowadays, one can order their own custom neon sign that will help get your business noticed.  The meaning of the word neon is neos, which is a Greek term meaning, new gas. Neon lighting was invented obviously after the traditional electric light bulb was invented. In the beginning of the days of neon, the only color available was red. When neon technology started to grow, many other colors became available. Today, there are over 150 different lively colors that can be used for your custom neon sign.

Grab Your Customers’ Attention with a Custom Outdoor Neon Sign

December 22nd, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

Several new business owners are often time confused as to which type of advertising that will work the best for your company. While many new companies advertise through TV and radio advertisements, telephone book advertisements and even with periodicals. These small companies spend lots of money to let potential customers know what types of services and goods that they offer. Typically, they go through a trial and error until they find the form of advertising that works the best for them.

These small business entrepreneurs can successfully market their company with the help of outdoor neon signs. The calming glow of neon placed in your store window can potentially attract new customers to your site. One of the best things about outdoor neon signs is that they can last for several years and are cheaper than the other forms of marketing and advertising. This makes them perfect for new businesses starting out who may not have the budget for expensive elaborate advertising.