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Affordable, Re-Usable Advertising

December 29th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

What makes custom neon signs an attractive way for advertising is that they are quite affordable.  The brilliant colors grab peoples attentions” from selling cars to selling beer, custom neon signs has a place in every business to promote what you sell or offer.  The other positive for neon signs is that you can decide on the exact message that you want to get across to your potential and existing customers.

Typically, the custom retail neon sign is one of the more popular ways to display the name of your business in bright, big letters.  Actually, if you the business owner needs more exposure after sundown, it is the best option available for you.  Almost all restaurants, motels, and hotels, that caters to an after-sunset market, and if you need to promote yours, custom neon signs are the way to go to successfully promote your business.

Affordable Advertising Solution ” Draw Customers In Inexpensively

December 29th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

Outdoor neon signs gain more attention and are quite appealing to your potential customers. If you compare these outdoor neon signs to billboard advertising, the neon sign will last for a longer time period. On average the outdoor neon sign can last up to twenty five years, while the billboard advertisement will need to be replaced on average every one to two years.

Also, many of these outdoor neon signs do not consume that much electricity. They in fact, require less power than the brighter signs that use florescent lighting. A few other benefits of outdoor neon signs is that they can be custom designed and built just for your business, they can be made in hundreds of different colors, have them portable, and neon is harmless to the environment as neon is an inert gas. They are typically used for shop signs or outside advertising and even for art and also interior designs.

The two things that are important for outdoor neon signs is the glass and color. Several people out there have a true calling and desire for developing and manufacturing these neon signs for stores, restaurants, bars, and many other businesses. Neon signs can be shaped into almost any design or saying. With all the different colors available you can have a sign that is perfect for advertising your business.