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What the Competition Doesn’t Want You to Know About LED Signs

December 14th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

For years now LED Signs have been taking over the old neon style signs.  From the simple OPEN sign to the more complex scrolling LED Sign the diversity and capabilities of LED’s continue prove this technology worthy of its popularity.

 Today, modern LED signs are designed to be easy to program and versatility in presenting your message. Static or moving messages (depending on your needs) will target the customers that are in your facility and supply information to them in a non-obtrusive manor. It’s really that simple, the LED Sign gets their attention and you provide the message.   Along with this versatility comes an opportunity to display adds on your sign for other businesses or customers, presumably for a fee of some sort.

 These state of the art LED signs are simple to operate. Depending on the sign, programming is completed through a remote control or via a pc. The on board memory of your message means that you’ll be ready to change messages easily when needed .

 While the full color message signs are expensive, the single color and 3 color LED Signs are reasonably priced and provide the best value.

 Maximizing your presentation by bringing attention to it is key.  With these bright LED Signs you will attract the attention to your message that it deserves.

Coroplast Neon Signs

December 14th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

Finding the right type of material for outdoor advertising is always going to be difficult. You need something that’s guaranteed to stand up to the elements, but that’s also going to be bright and bold enough to read in practically any weather condition as well. But more importantly, you want to find a material that’s cheap to mass produce, so that you don’t have to deal with spending massive amounts of money, just to get your signage out there. For that reason, coroplast signs can be a major lifesaver. This type of plastic material is cheap to produce, but is plenty sturdy for any type of weather condition. 

 What makes coroplast neon signs so unique, is simply in their overall construction. They feature a design that’s basically corrugated plastic. Just like the cardboard of the same composition, you’ll find that this type of sign is very durable and sturdy, but that is also totally waterproof making it ideal for use outdoors. While cardboard isn’t the best material for using outdoors, and it needs to be shielded from the water, lest the material completely break down . With coroplast signs, you won’t have to worry about this, and you can ensure your signage will be affordable as well as durable.

 All you have to do is design the right type of coroplast signs, in order to ensure your message comes across. For that reason, first and foremost, you want to be sure that you order signs that are large enough to be read from anywhere, wherever you place them. Typically these are great road side signage, but you want to be sure that they are large enough to be read from anywhere. That way, you can ensure people are likely to read them in passing, while they’re on their way somewhere else. 

 Of course, you also want to ensure you go for the right type of coroplast signs based upon just how colorful and eye-catching they are going to be. Typically you want to work with a white background, so that you can be sure your signage is totally noticeable from a distance.  What’s more, you also want to ensure they are totally colorful as well, as more colors are going to draw the eye in. While colorful signage may be more expensive, that’s worth the price to ensure that your signs are going to be noticed.